Application note for DL6000MEDH+ in MODBUS slave mode.

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Start the Lantronix device Installer and telnet to tha DL6000

Make sure your telnet option settings are exact as highlighted shown below.

Reset the unit either by pressing the button or power on and off.

Start EQ32 configuration to configuration DL6000.

From the screen below select DL6000.

Select the serial port and click on cinfigure

Click on Next.

Select Modbus Device, and Allen Bradley device type. Since we aer trying to communicate with both PLC5 and SLC at the same time, we selectthe optin shown below and click on next.

In Slot 1 is set to read file N7 starting at word 0 and to read 10 words

In Slot 2 is set to read file F8 starting at word 0 and to read 10 words

Slot 3 is set to read file B4 starting at word 0 and to read 1 words = 16bits

Click on finish, press the configuration button of the DL6000 once download complete Close EQ32


Open and set a file for each command, in this application we are setting 6, 3,for PLC5 node25 octal(21decimal) and 3 for SCL504 node 3 Octal ( 3 decimal )

MODSCAN results reading files from PLC5 node address 25 octal which is 21 decimal as shown as Device ID
( that is the MODUS salve address), same files being read for SLC504 node 3, on the right side.