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DL-PC Hardware Specifications


Data Highway Plus (DH+) / Remote I/O (RI/O) Adapter
PC ISA BUS Interface Card
The DH+ / RI/O Adapter Card is a ISA based module which allows ISA bus computers or OEM based applications access to AB's DH+ and RI/O networks. The Interface Card allows exisiting 1770-KF2, and PLC CH0 Serial DF1 drivers to run at the PC's ISA bus speed. This will allow MMI, HMI, SCADA equipment, and other computer applications access to any DH+ node including PLC's and SLC's. All settings are accomplished using an easy to use Windows based Configuration Program over the bus or by using an external RS-232 connection to another computer.
Data Highway Plus (DH+)

Speeds: 57.6, 115.2, and 230.4 Kbaud
Configurable DH+ address (0 to 77o)
Remote I/O (RI/O)

Speeds: 57.6 K, 115.2 K, and 230.4 Kbaud
Occupy 1 to 7 virtual adapter Racks
128 bits of throughput data per rack
Up to 16 Block Transfer Reads and Writes per rack
Equustek Solutions, Inc.
Suite 815 1200 W 73rd Ave.
Vancouver, BC, Canada V6P 6G5
Toll Free : 888-387-3787
Tel : (604) 266-8547      Fax (604) 266-9547
Web-site :www.equustek.com
Standard ISA :    bus connection
Pushbutton :    to enable Hardware configuration (COM and IRQ)
Parameters :    Hardware and Online (DH+ / RI/O) are stored in Non-Volitile EEPROM
FLASH :    firmware allows ease of upgrading
DF1 :    Both Full (Point to Point) and Half (Multidrop) Duplex Modes
DF1 :    Either BCC or CRC error checking
Diagnostic :    DF1 counters for driver statistics

ERROR Led :    Red Led indicates driver and network errors
NETWORK Led :    Green Led indicates either DH+ or RI/O activity
BUS Led :    Green Led indicates access to the cards 16550 UART Emulator (COM PORT) by DF1 driver

Dimensions :    Standard ISA Card
Operating Environment :    32 to 122 F (0 to 50 C)
Storage :    -40 to 185F (-40 to 85C)
Humidity :    5% to 95% non-condensing
Power :    ISA Bus 5V - 1.5 watts

Wiring Diagrams
1.    Online Cable DL-PC/104 DH+/RIO
Note : Clear & Blue might have to be swapped depending on existing DH+ wiring RIO wiring usually has the Clear and Blue swapped

2.    Offline Programming Port RS232 5 Pin Plug

Note : 5 Pin Connectors are numbered from Left to Right
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