Equustek DLPCIe ( Allen BradleyDF1 to DH+ / DH485 ) PCI Express Bus Card with Windows 7

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In case Windows 7 does not successfully install the DLPCIe driver like what you see in the following screen shots.

Click on Change setting.
Change it to Automatic update.
And if it still does not find the driver like what you see below.
Then go to your device manager and look under ports and LPTs and click on update driver software.
Choose Browse my computer.
Browse to where the SW_Windows_PCIe_NativeUart folder is on your CD and click on Next
Wait until you see
The two serial port numbers will differ from one PC to another and you can change the number to your desired available one.
That will complete the installation of the PCI Express driver for the card.
please note that in Win7 the second port is used for setting up the DF1 drive, later on.
To configure the card using EEPROM seetings, start the EQ32 configuration software and select DLPCIe
Select the COM port number you saw in previous screen shot the second one circled in red COM8 and click on configure.
Click on next if you do not have a previous configuration file saved to open.
Select the Network type( DH+ or DH485) and the station number.
Select your DH+ baud rate.
Now you need to set up DF1 parameters.
Here you can download your configuration to the DLPCIe, and also an option of saving it for future use.
Put the DLPCIe in configuration mode by pressing the configuration push button switch on the DLCPIe
Once downloaded successfully, close the EQ32 configuration software and restart your PC.
After you restarted your PC, start RSLINX and click on configure drivers.
Select RS232DF1 devices from the available Driver Type, and click on Add New.
Type the name for the driver or just use the default.
Select the serial port which in our example here we saw it was COM8, then click on Auto-Configure, or select all the DLPCIe DF1 settings you previously configured the DLCPIe in the EQ32, then click on Auto- Configure.
It should find all the configuration settings as shown below (Auto Configuration Successful), click on ok and close the driver configuration window.
Once the RS232 DF1 driver is configured, open RSWHO windows, then just highlight that driver and check mark the Autobrowse, that will show all you DH+ nodes that you have on your network.
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