This document assumes that the DLPCIE Driver and hardware has been installed and
configured as referred to in the DLPCIE Hardware Quick Start document.

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This quick start is to help you get started with your DLPCIe using RSLINX.
1.     Check the Comm Port that has been set by the driver ( For Windows XP please use the 1st one of the two occupied by the card in the Device Manager as shown below, please note for Windows7 use the 2nd one ). Will be needed in step 8.

Windows XP device manager showing the DLPCIe serial ports.

Windows 7 device manager showing the DLPCIe serial ports.
2.     Start RSLINX
3.     Select Configure Drivers
4.     Choose RS-232 DF1 Devices from the Available Driver Types
5.     Click on Add New
6.     Type in a name for the driver or use the default
7.     Click OK.
8.     Select the Comm Port number that has been set by the driver (Use the one you found in step1).
9.     Select 1770-KF2 device for the DLPCIe-DH+ or 1770-KF3 for the DLPCIe-DH-485.

10.     Click on Auto-Configure, it should come up with (Auto Configuration Successful) and settings something like what you see above
11.     Click OK.

The RSLINX Driver is now configured. RSWHO should show all the nodes on your DH+ or DH-485 network as shown below.
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