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In This application we have an EQ7000 EDH+ with IP address

1st using the AB Ethernet driver to read from Integer file7 in PLC5 node address 7.
As shown above we are able to read 122 words = 244 bytes from integer file 7 starting at word100.

Below we will be setting the Control Logix IP address to read the same file in the same PLC5, but in Ethernet IP driver it is limited to 232 bytes therefore we will be reading only 116 bytes as you can see below. Please note in our setting we have the Ethernet Module in slot1 and the DHPRIO module in slot2 in the Control Logix unit.
Now we will perform exactly same but using the EQ7000 instead of the control Logix, here using the Ethernet IP driver.
As seen above no issue reading all 232 bytes =166 words as requested.
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