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How to set the Ethernet IP driver in Allen Bradley RSLINX for EQ7000 and OPC topic configuration and OPC test client communicating with Allen Bradley PLC5 DH+ processor.

Click configure driver icon the configure driver window should show, select the Ethernet/IP Driver as shown.
Name the driver any name you want, here we named it AB_ETHIP-EQ7000
Your configure driver windows with the new names shows up as shown click on OK.
In RSLINX under DDE/OPC click on Topic Configuration as shown below.
In Topic Configuration window click on New
Name it any name you desire, here for example we named it EQ7000-IP, then under Data Source tab browse through the driver and highlight the EQ7000 as shown below, then click on apply..
It will ask to confirm update the topic, click on Yes.
Now back to the Topic configuration window click on Data Collection tab and under Processor Type select the type of DH+ processor you want to communicate with, here we selected PLC5.
Next click on Advanced Communication tab, beside Communication Driver you should see your driver and beside Configure you should see the driver and IP address of EQ7000 as shown.
Now click on Configure, it should come up with Remote Routing Configuration window.
Highlight the path, right click on it and then click on copy.
Now under Bridge Device change it to 1765-DHRIO, once you change that the path will become blank.
Right click in the path and click on paste to set the path back..
Here you will have the path back as shown
Enter the node address number of the PLC that you want to communicate with in Remote Bridge station ( note it is in octal) also make sure Link ID is 0 and it is on Channel A as shown below, click on OK.
Now under Advanced Communication tab make sure the station umber is same as you set it and click on apply
Click on Yes to confirm update the topic.
Here click on Done.
Here you are done with topic configuration now you can start your OPC client and get the data required, here for testing purposes we used the OPC Test Client which is under RSLINX Tools.
Under file open a new one, then select RSLinx OPC Server and click on OK
Add a group as shown and name it any name you like.
Add an Item as shown
It should come up with Add New OPC Item window.
Click on the Plus sign in your RSLINX OPC Server then you should see your topic
Click on the + sign of the topic here is our EQ7000-IP, then click on Online
Here you should see all the data files in your PLC, click on any one that you want to access, here for example we selected integer file N7.
To access the word required clcik on it like her we did for N7:0 then click on Validate
Your validation should come without error.
Click on OK
You can add groups and item that you want to access from any file that you can see online..
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