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Firmware Update for EQDCM

Start the EQ32 software.

Under product click on EQ-DCM to select it.
Click on the Model, in our example here we are selecting AB Ethernet MODBUS.
Select the serial port then click on Offline Manager.
Here after you hit the configuration button on the EQDCM unit, you will see the menu shown below.
Type 2 to erase firmware, then type Y to confirm for erasing it and wait until you see the message successfully erased then type 1 to install the new firmware, you will see the message start sending File…as shown below click on Send firmware file.
It will come up with a confirmation windows for the procedure done above, just click on yes as shown below..
Then click Yes to use Xmodem protocol to transfer file .
Here select the file you need to update the unit with and click on open.
Now you should see the progress bar as shown.
Wait until you see Done Firmware Successfully installed as shown below.
Now you type 6 to see your new firmware version as shown below.
Exit the EQ32 software and hit the reset button on the EQ32 that completes the firmware update.
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