Data Highway Plus (DH+) / Remote I/O (RI/O) Adapter
STD32 BUS Interface Card

The DH+ / RI/O Adapter Card is a STD32 based module which allows STD32 bus computers or OEM based applications access to AB's DH+ and RI/O networks. The Interface Card allows exisiting 1770-KF2, and PLC CH0 Serial DF1 drivers to run at STD32 bus speeds. This will allow MMI, HMI, SCADA equipment, and other computer applications access to any DH+ node including PLC's and SLC's.
All settings are accomplished using an easy to use Windows based Configuration Program over the bus or by using an external RS-232 connection to another computer.

Data Higway Plus (DH+)

Speeds: 57.6 K and 115.2 Kbaud
Configurable DH+ address (0 to 77o)

Remote I/O (RI/O)

Speeds: 57.6 K, 115.2 K, and 230.4 Kbaud
Occupy 1 to 7 virtual adapter Racks
128 bits of throughput data per rack
Up to 16 Block Transfer Reads and Writes per rack


STD32 bus connection
Pushbutton to enable Hardware configuration (COM and IRQ)
Parameters: Hardware and Online (DH+ / RI/O) are stored in Non-Volitile EEPROM
FLASH firmware allows ease of upgrading
DF1: Both Full (Point to Point) and Half (Multidrop) Duplex Modes
DF1: Either BCC or CRC error checking
Diagnostic DF1 counters for driver statistics

ERROR Led: Red Led indicates driver and network errors
NETWORK Led: Green Led indicates either DH+ or RI/O activity
BUS Led: Green Led indicates access to the cards 16550 UART Emulator (COM PORT) by DF1 driver

Dimensions: STD32 Card
Operating Environment: 32 to 122 °F (0 to 50 °C)
Storage: -40 to 185°F (-40 to 85°C)
Humidity: 5% to 95% non-condensing
Power: STD32 Bus 5V - 1.5 watts


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