DL3500 ASCII to DH+ or DH485

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The DL3500-ASCII interfaces Serial ASCII devices (Scanners/Printers) to SLCs or other devices on an A-B DH-485 or DH+ network.

The DL3500 has two communication ports. Channel A is designed to connect to you industrial network, either A-Bs DH+ or DH-485 networks. Channel B is used to connect to your serial or USB device, the protocol depends on which flavor (model) of the DL3500 you have ordered. Channel B has the capabilities of RS232C, RS422, RS485 and USB 2.0.

Configuration of the operating parameters is done quickly and easily by the DL32 V3.X windows based software shipped with the unit or available on the Equustek Website.
DL3500-ASCII DH-485/DH+ to ASCII Scanner/Printer interface