Industrial Ethernet vs. Commercial Ethernet

The folks at Fluke recently published an informative article outlining the key differences between “office grade” and industrial Ethernet. While there are similarities, many of the characteristics of
“standard” Ethernet would be ineffective or even dangerous when dealing with mechanical or other processes. The article details the changes made by the IEEE to make Ethernet more responsive and reliable, including timing and topology. It also covers hardening of cabling and connectors based on the M.I.C.E. (mechanical, ingress, chemical/climactic and electromagnetic) parameters. And, since it’s from Fluke Networks, it finishes up with a survey of different types
of test tools that can be used to check cabling to prevent and troubleshoot problems. Have a look at:


August 26, 2013

Effective immediately, Equustek Solutions Inc., as a testament to the reliability and robust nature of our products, is increasing the warranty for all products to 5 years from the current 2 years. As indicated, this is effective immediately and includes all products sold within the last 5 years. As in any warranty, abuse or acts of God (lightning strikes etc.) are not warrantable. The warranty includes parts and labour but does not include shipping. Please contact us or the distributor from whom you purchased the product for a RMA  number if you have a warrantable claim.