> Windows Configuration Software
> DL4500 and DL6000 Ethernet Configuration Software
> DOS Configuration Software
> AB to Modbus Mapping Program 
> DLPCIe Windows Drivers 
> DLPCI Windows Drivers 
> USB Drivers
> EDS Files
> ICON Files
> Product Icons
> General Application Notes


Windows Configuration Software

Latest Configuration Software

EQ32 Configuration Software (EQ7000, EQ-DCM, DL6000, DL4000, and DLPCIe models)

 EQ32 Version 1.8.11 –August 15th, 2019

DL32 Configuration Software (DL3500, DL4500, DL-PCI, and Modbus-PC/104 models)
DL32 Version 3.22 – August 3, 2010

DL32 Configuration Software (DL2000 and DL3000 models)
 DL32-Free Version 3.08 -March 16, 2004

DL32 Configuration Software (Interface Cards)
 DL32 Version 2.03 -October 4, 2002

DL4500 and DL6000 Ethernet Configuration Software  (Lantronix Software)

Lantronix Latest CPR “Com Port Redirector”

Lantronix Latest version of DeviceInstaller

Lantronix CPR Com Port Redirector V4.3.0.3

Lantronix device installer RC3

Previous Lantronix CPR and Device Installer Software Versions

Com Port Redirector Software Version  (Windows NT / 2000 / XP)
Com Port Redirector Software Version 2.2.2  (Windows 95 / 98 / ME)
Device Installer Version

Lantronix Device Installer V4.4.0.2RC3

Previous Configuration Software Versions

 EQ32 Version 1.8.8 – January 6, 2012

DL32 Version 3.03(SP2) -September 17, 2004
DL32 Version 3.05(Complete instalation) -October 15, 2004
DL32 Version 3.05(Removed DLL’s) -October 15, 2004

DL3000-DHM Version 1.11 -November 14, 2001

DOS Configuration Software

DL2 Configuration Software
DL2 Version 4.12 – May 30, 2001

Allan-Bradley to Modbus Mapping Program

AB to Modbus mapping program for Equustek Modbus products
AB to Modbus Mapping Program Version 1.3 – June 19, 2007

USB Drivers

Latest USB Drivers Virtual COM Port “VCP”

Equustek products USB Driver “V2.12.00”

Previous Versions of USB Drivers

USB Driver Rev. CDM 2.04.06 WHQL Certified

DL3500 Rev 2 and Higher USB 2.0 Driver
DL3500 Rev 1 USB 1.1 Driver

EDS Files