DLPCIe-DH+ (DF1 to DH+)

DLPCIe-DH+ (DF1 to DH+)

Price $995 USD
Connect your PC’s and MMI’s via the Plug and Play PCI Express bus using existing Allen Bradley DF1 or 1784-U-2DHP drivers to Allen Bradley DH+/DH485. It is a lower cost alternative to Allen Bradley 1784-PKTX card and SST’s 5136-SD-PCI.

Available Windows Drivers:

Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows7 32&64 Bit, WHQL Certified

Windows Server 2003 ,Server 2008,Server 2012, WHQL Certified

DLPCIe Driver for Windows8 & Windows10 64 Bit

DLPCIe Driver for Windows8 & Windows10 32 Bit


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