Communicating via Allen Bradley Ethernet ip protocol


The EQ7000 can accept messages sent by the Allen Bradley ethernet ip protocol. Therefore devices capable of communicating using Allen Bradley ethernet protocol can access devices on the DH+ network. Browsing specific nodes on the DH+ network is possible using RSLinx.


To do this, an Ethernet driver must be configured in RSLinx gateway with the IP address of the EQ7000 mapped to each node that exists on the network. Sending Messages to DH+ devices To communicate to nodes on the DH+ network using AB Ethernet switch, remote messaging must be used. Using local messaging will only allow communication to a single device located at node 0 on the DH+. When using remote messaging, the source and destination link ID’s are not needed and can be left as 0. The destination address (or remote address) will be the value of the DH+ node address. Please note that DH+ uses octal notation and the application that is being used to setup the message may use decimal notation.Below is an example of how to setup a remote message in a SLC 5/05 to read data from node 7 on the DH+ network through the EQ7000 at