Application Guidelines

When configuring a DH+ link for your system it’s important to consider the following application guidelines.

  • To achieve acceptable response times, you will need to minimize the number of DH+ nodes. It’s important when minimizing DH+ nodes to keep frequency and size of the messages exchanged between devices in mind.
  • To achieve the fastest control response time possible, you’ll need to limit the number of stations on your overall network. To bring on additional stations, establish separate DH+ networks.
  • Never remove or add stations to the network during process or machine operation. If the network token is situated with the removed device, it can be lost to the rest of the network. Automatic re-establishment of the network could take several seconds to activate. During this time, control is interrupted or unreliable.
  • Try to avoid programming controllers as much as possible online during process or machine operation. This could increase response time by possible long bursts in DH+ activity.
  • Add a separate DH+ link where possible for processor programming to keep the effect of programmed terminals from the process DH+ link.