DL4000 General Operation & Applications

The DL4000 hardware platform was designed to be used as a smart Serial to Serial converter. It comes in a DC powered Din-Rail Mountable compact cabinet for ease of portability and installation. Standard protocols such as Modicon Modbus and Allen Bradley’s DF1 exist already. Other protocols and operations are easily programmed per customer’s requests.

The DL4000 has three serial channels, CHA, CHB, and CHC for intermixing protocols and communication standards. RS232C, RS422 and RS485 are available on CHA and CHB, while CHC only does RS232. Configuration of the operating parameters is done quickly and easily by the DL32 V3.X for all DL4000 models except DL4000-DMX use EQ32, both EQ32 and DL32 are windows based software shipped with the unit or available on the Equustek Website. Currently there are five standard DL4000 products available and many other customized ASCII protocol interfaces have been done.

Contact Equustek Solutions to see if the DL4000 is the correct device for your communication needs.

The DL4000-DMX is a two port device that bridges your Modicon Modbus devices to ones using the DF1 protocol. The DMX can either be used as Modbus Master or Slave as well as having both Modbus ASCII and RTU protocols.

The DL4000-DFX is a three port DF1 device. This will allow Two DF1 devices to talk to one CH0 of a PLC or SLC. The ability to intermix Half-Duplex and Full Duplex, or RS232 and RS422 greatly improves the effectiveness of the PLC’s CH0 programming port

The DL4000-MMX allows Modbus RTU devices to communicate with multiple Modbus ASCII devices. The DL4000-DAS interfaces Serial ASCII devices (Scanners/Printers) to A-B’s DF1 protocol.

The DL4000-MAS interfaces Serial ASCII Scanners to Modicon’s Modbus Protocol. The DL4000-MAS acts as a Modbus Master device and writes the ASCII data to a specific register in a specified slave device.