Enhancing Industrial Communication: Equustek DL4000-DFX as the Allen Bradley DF1 Port Splitter Replacement


Enhancing Industrial Communication: Equustek DL4000-DFX as the Allen Bradley DF1 Port Splitter Replacement

In the realm of industrial automation, efficient communication between devices is crucial for seamless operations. The now-obsolete Allen Bradley 1747 Port Splitters, specifically the 1747-DPS1 and 1747-DPS2 models, were once pivotal in enabling RS-232/DF1 full-duplex communication ports on controllers to expand into two ports. This facilitated simultaneous communication with two external devices across various controller types, including the SLC 500, PLC-5, MicroLogix, ControlLogix, CompactLogix, and FlexLogix.

However, as technological landscapes evolve, the discontinuation of the Allen Bradley port splitter has left a void for reliable and compatible alternatives. Enter the Equustek Solutions Inc DL4000-DFX, a robust and advanced replacement designed to meet modern industrial communication needs.

Understanding the Need for Port Splitting

Industrial environments often demand concurrent communication between multiple devices and controllers. The capability to split a single port into two for simultaneous interactions was a game-changer for many operations, streamlining processes and enhancing overall efficiency.

The Allen Bradley 1747 Port Splitters, while once instrumental, have become obsolete. However, the DL4000-DFX from Equustek Solutions steps in as a comprehensive alternative, addressing the communication challenges faced by industries relying on Allen Bradley’s older models.

Evolution with DL4000-DFX

Equustek Solutions Inc recognized the significance of efficient communication in industrial settings. The DL4000-DFX serves as a powerful replacement, offering enhanced functionalities and seamless integration across a wide spectrum of controllers and devices.

Features and Compatibility

  • Enhanced Compatibility: Much like its predecessor, the DL4000-DFX is designed to integrate with various controllers, ensuring a smooth transition for users accustomed to the Allen Bradley 1747 Port Splitters.
  • Expanded Functionality: The Equustek solution not only replicates the port-splitting capabilities but also incorporates advancements in communication protocols and technologies, allowing for more efficient data exchange and connectivity.
  • Ease of Integration: The DL4000-DFX maintains compatibility with existing Allen Bradley programming cables, simplifying the transition process for users migrating from the older system.

Addressing Obsolescence Concerns

With Allen Bradley discontinuing the 1747 Port Splitters, concerns regarding support, maintenance, and availability of spare parts arise. Equustek Solutions steps in to alleviate these worries by providing a reliable and contemporary alternative in the form of the DL4000-DFX. The robustness of the Equustek product ensures continuous support and availability for industrial operations.

The Future of Industrial Communication

As industries evolve and technologies advance, the need for efficient communication solutions remains paramount. Equustek Solutions Inc’s DL4000-DFX stands as a testament to innovation in addressing these evolving needs, offering a seamless transition from the outdated Allen Bradley 1747 Port Splitters.

In conclusion, the shift from the Allen Bradley DF1 Port Splitter to Equustek’s DL4000-DFX signifies not just a replacement but an upgrade in capabilities, reliability, and support. Industrial operations can continue their seamless communication with enhanced features, ensuring productivity and efficiency in an ever-evolving technological landscape.



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