What Is Industrial Automation Engineering Technology?

With the increase in demand for industries to manufacture and produce top quality products, it’s important that the technology and industrial automation services behind the company is sound to ensure smooth operation of the business each and every time. Automation engineering technology is used by many industries to produce an abundance of items ready for market and resale, amongst other things. But what exactly is automation engineering technology you ask? The following is a brief guide to what this technology is so you can be more informed.

industrial automation servicesWhat Is Industrial Automation Engineering Technology?

Automation engineering technology is the term that’s used for a variety of systems which include process controls and communications. Technicians in the industrial automation engineering field generally combine key fundamental principles of mechanical engineering technology with electronic and electrical circuits to develop, design, test, and manufacture computer controlled and electrical mechanical systems which are becoming a key foundation element in industrial industries.

The industry of automation is a branch of the electronics field and is fast becoming one of the major growing areas of international and national high technology economies. Industrial automation engineering technology features a combination of electronics, mechanics, and electrical, and includes the control or interaction of computers, motors, hydraulics, pneumatics, and other processes which are applied and used within manufacturing.

What Do Automation Engineering Technicians Do?

Industrial Automation engineering technicians use theories and principles of engineering, science, and mathematics to come up with solutions to technical problems in areas of development, research, inspection, construction, manufacturing, and maintenance. More practically orientated than most engineers and scientists, automation engineering technicians general assist in the research and development process of ordinary scientists and engineers.

The areas where automation engineering technology is used includes in quality control environments. This means the inspection of processes and products, along with the process of collecting data and conducting test.  In the area of manufacturing, technology is used to help with the product development and design, along with the production process. Programmable logic controllers or PLCs are a significant area where automation engineering technology is used. This involves conducting work with special-purpose computers to create synchronization of the different technologies which are used within the manufacturing process. Automation engineers who are familiar with PLCs generally setup and use the special-purpose computers.


Automation engineering technology plays a major role in many businesses and industries. If you’re a business that requires an automation engineering technician it’s best to check their credentials and ask them questions about what they can help you with to make sure you find the right technician to suit your individual needs.