Modbus RTU vs Modbus TCP/IP

Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP/IP are usually communication protocols. The communication protocol is the system of rules, which permit two or more entities to package and transmit data, and are implemented in software and hardware. Networking of industrial devices like level sensors to a PLC and pressure transducers is achieved by using a kind of communication protocol referred to as Fieldbus. Modbus is a widely used Fieldbus, which supports two-way communication for a remote operation like set-up and programming and permits transferring lots.

TCP/IP and RTU are two popular types of Modbus. Basically, these are two different methods of data transmission. While the way structured data for transmission is defined by Modbus, wrapping the data structured for specific ways of transmission is defined by TCP/IP and RTU.

Modbus RTU

A network of field devices that use serial communication is known as Modbus RTU. You can interconnect Modbus devices and sensors in a network.

  • RTU is widely used for industrial control networks because it has been in existence for long around, and it is supported by lots of software and hardware.

Modbus TCP/IP

The creation of Modbus TCP/IP came about so as to maximize the benefits of an Ethernet network. Essentially, Modbus RTU that uses the TCP interface in an Ethernet network is what is called Modbus TCP/IP. The structure of Modbus data is defined with the use of the application layer applied in the TCP/IP protocol. The TCP is utilized to make sure data is received and sent the right way, and the address and routing information is described as IP.

Basically, the Modbus TCP/IP command is a Modbus RTU command, which is included in an Ethernet TCP/IP wrapper.

  • The advantage of using Modbus TCP/IP is with the use of the existing Ethernet network equipment, which is inexpensive and widely available.

Generally, TCP/IP and RTU exist to help you transmit data in a manner which is comfortable and inexpensive for you. Contact us today us to talk about your particular application, and assist you in determining the best way to transmit data.