Serial to Ethernet Converter

What is a serial to ethernet converter?

A serial to Ethernet converter is a small electronic device which can transform Ethernet ip address/TCP packages to either RS232, RS485 or RS422 serial data signs and vice versa. Additionally it is occasionally called a sequential device machine and it comes in various sizes and shapes.

A serial Ethernet converter may have one serial interface or it can have several sequential ports, to 25 interfaces or even more.

Some Ethernet converters just has an RS-232 interface and a number of has an RS485 software and an RS232, among others the others H-AS all 3 interfaces (RS-232, RS485 and RS-422) constructed in.

Most typically it can be used for linking a serial RS-232, RS485 or RS-422 apparatus such as a commercial device into a pc over a typical LAN system, with a serial interface. The best thing about this is clear;You don’t have to wander all-the-way to the industrial plant to test your serial device’s other end.

How can a serial Ethernet converter function?

The circuitry within the convertor may change TCP/IP  packets to also change the information that is sequential to ip address and serial data packets, so that it operates in both ways.

The IP number of the Ethernet converter that was serial it self may even be altered to your own configuration settings.